Celebrity Chef Jose Andres Picks on Palin for Writing on Palm
Nikki Schwab & Tara Palmeri, Washington Examiner

March 10, 2010 - It seems the celebrity chefs are taking a cue from the country's comedians.

Before talking Tuesday night, chef Jose Andres glanced down at his palm and made a poke at Sarah Palin.

"I didn't write anything on my hand," he said, before jettisoning into a short speech about the "power of food." Andres, known for his D.C. eateries Jaleo and Minibar by Jose Andres, was being toasted at the residence of Spanish Ambassador Jorge Dezcallar on Tuesday night for winning the Vilcek Prize for the Arts, which highlights the contributions of immigrants.

Being served was Andres' trademark Spanish-style tapas, but for a foodie party, there wasn't much food going around.

The Spanish-born chef was joined by Laotian-born pastry chef Varin Keokitvon, who was also being honored. Also spotted was MSNBC political analyst Richard Wolffe.

Andres will accept the award in New York City on April 7.

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